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Review: Forgotten by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

We’re off on another amazing blog tour from FFBC, this time featuring the latest title, Forgotten, from P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast and oh is it a good one!!


Due to the Darkness in his heart Kalona was locked away inside the Earth for centuries, until he was finally freed by Nefret. But did things go differently for the Other Kalona and is this why nobody seems to remember him? Forgotten follows his tale as well as those of our much loved band of characters.

Other Nefret is on a mission to gain immortailty and rule the world as a Goddess with the help of Old Magick. She secretly heads to a place of power in order to try to suceed, leaving everyone in the dark about where she is and if she’s still even alive. The newly appointed High Priestess Anastasia and her council are trying to broker peace between humans and vampyres even though not all the vampyres seem to be on board with the idea, while dealing with their own crisis around the Red Vampyres.

The thought of the Other Nefret haunts Zoey and she’s finding it really diffcult not knowing what is going on in the other world and how Other Kevin is dealing with his grief. The temptation to use Old Magick is there, but Zoey listens to the warnings from the rest of the Nerd Herd. Things are going much better between humans and vampyres than they are in the Other World and everyone is trying to work together. Though things never run smoothly, do they?


Oh, where to start!? Though there’s a lot happening at once and split over two worlds, the plot never get confusing or so complicated you can’t follow it. Instead, the action just keeps going and it’s really hard to put down this amazing book from the Cast power duo.

All of the characters in Forgotten are ‘picking up the pieces’ in one way or another, dealing with loss, war and grief. There’s a strong sense rebuilding throughout this book and it’s written beautifully. Through the various characters you can see all the different ways that people can be affected and how they cope with hard times. Even Nefret is coming to terms with a lot and her humanity (err, vampyrity?) really comes through on the pages, I have to say that she is possibly my favourite character. It would have been easy to have written Nefret is the classic evil supervillian style, but there’s a softness and emotion to her that actually has you feeling for her as you read and almost hoping she succeeds. Although she is a classic world domination style, power crazy lady, she is also strong and independent and it’s this side of her that I think appeals so much.

The constant issues between humans and their acceptance of vampyres beautifully reflects the struggles that many people face in society. Not everyone finds it easy to be accepted, be that because of sexuality, race or religion, and many of these issues are brought up in Forgotten as both worlds fight for acceptance and equality.

It’s difficult to write here about the plot as there are so many spoilers that don’t want to inflict on anyone reading this. I will say though that Forgotten is full of action and emotion and you will find yourself wondering where the time went. We have another 4am read, people!

The book ends on a cliffhanger and I NEED to know what happens next! I simply can’t wait to find out if Zoey and the nerd herd manage to stop Nefret. I also want to know if [character name] can be saved or of they will die. I’m now counting down the days until I can get my hands on the last book in this series and that is always a sign that I’ve just read a brilliant book!

Forgotten (House of Night Other World Series, Book 3) is released October 29th and will be available online and from all good bookstores

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Reviewed from an ARC from Blackstone Publishing via FFBC

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